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AnsestralSetups - Staticforge (INVALID)


MinecraftSetups - CEO
Staff member
Our business relationship with Staticforge:

AnsestralSetups will allow a business relationship with Staticforge under the following terms:

  • The sale will only be allowed on the following site: https://www.mc-tr.com/
  • The AnsestralSetups team must know about all sales made by Staticforge.
  • Staticforge must make payments every end of the day.
  • Statiforge members must respect the AnsestralSetups work ethic.
  • No copies will be sold outside the Turkish language.
  • The AnsestralSetups team must have administrative access to all Staticforge communication services.
  • AnsestralSetups can terminate this association at any time if he wishes so.
The distribution of benefits will be 60% AnsestralSetups for the creation of the setup and 40% Staticforge for the translation (Of every sale made in the Turkish language).

The Survival setup will be sold for 140 TL for the first 3 sales and then 180 TL, on the other hand, the SkyBlock setup will be sold from the beginning for 140TL

Staticforge only has the ability to sell the following setups:
  • Ansestral SkyBlock.
  • Ansestral Survival.

Under these terms, AnsestralSetups authorizes a sales license to Staticforge:
License Status: Invalid
(We are not doing any more business )

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