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MinecraftSetups ™


Hello, welcome to this new community founded in July 2020 called MinecraftSetups which was previously called AnsestralSetups. This is a market place dedicated to the purchase and sale of premium products/services related to minecraft servers, so we invite you to offer what you know how to do best. But first read the guidelines that you must follow as a user or buyer.


Whether you want to be a user or a seller, we recommend that you read all the subtopics contained in the following sections of the forum:



Become a resource seller:

As mentioned before you can become a seller on this platform to get more information about it we recommend reading the following forum:


You can also find all the resources that are currently being sold at the following url:


Become a service seller:

At the moment the purchase and sale of services are disabled but we promise to introduce them very soon.

Reviews / Business:

If you are interested in making a business proposal or a review of both, the platform or any MinecraftSetups product, you can contact us at support@minecraftsetups.org


As you know we have an announcement system from which you can benefit as long as your announcement respects the rules of the community and is not a direct competition to our community. For more information read:



Although the main purpose of buying these ranks is to support the growth of the community, but obtaining a VIP rank will get you a wide range of benefits. For more information visit:



If you think you can help improve the community in any way, please email us at support@minecraftsetups.org


Although you can find out about the news by entering the forum below, we recommend that you enter our server to find out about all the news as soon as possible.


Get started:

To get to know the community a little more and that they know you, we recommend entering the following url: