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✔️ BEST ⭐ SHOP GUI PLUS || CONFIG ⭐ 1.8-1.18.2 ⭐


MinecraftSetups - CEO
Staff member

This is the best good-looking shopgui+ configuration in the market + the best-balanced economy system.

By: MinecraftSetups

The plugin supports many Minecraft versions (1.8 - 1.18.2).

450 items
Well-configured &
100% customizable by your preferences.
Balanced economy for the following game modes.

Survival, Skyblock, Factions & other survival-based game modes.
No bugs/glitches, Tested live on server for 30 days.
Super light.
Epic style.
professional, and free support from me (NeonDeex).
20 categories that are perfectly made with specific items/blocks
Sections: (Potions, Rare items, Armor/Tools, Blocks, Miscellaneous, Base essentials, Clay, Mob drops, Ores, Spawners, Glass, Wool, Food, Farming supplies, Dyes)
Vault Support or another Economy plugin.

[#] Easily change the color of the glasses just by editing a line

Download it here:
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