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Frequently asked questions:

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Can I include free/paid plugins/builds/configs in my resource?
A complete description of what you do and do not have the right to redistribute and when is provided in the following post: https://minecraftsetups.org/threads/redistribution-rights.5/

If you find someone violating your wishes when it comes to redistribution over your own content, please create a support request at support@minecraftsetups.org

My purchases tab says someone bought it, but I didn't receive a payment! Did they steal my resource?
No, they did not steal your resource. This likely means they clicked the buy button but never sent the payment. Don't be alarmed, they won't have access to your resource without having sent and had their payment confirmed.

I want to make my resource free, but I don't see the option. Can I just remove my payment info?
No. Removing your payment information will disable downloading for everyone who has not purchased your resource.
You must click the "Remove from sale" button at the bottom of your "Resource Tools" sidebar. Only available on resources that are paid. This will remove your payment information, as well as make it free to all users.

How large can be resource file size be?
For everyone else, the max is 150MB. Any file greater in size is unable to be uploaded to our resources under any circumstances and must be sold manually over the forums.

I want to make sure a specific user cannot purchase my resource(s). How do I do this?
Give them a license beforehand, and then disable that license. Or if they have already made a purchase and had it refunded one way or another, disable the existing license. They will not be able to purchase or download any resource which they have a disabled license for.
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