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Redistribution Rights

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Non-original content:
You are not authorized to distribute premium resources without any explicit permission from the author. You also do not have the right to distribute forks or forks modifications even though it no longer contain content from the original fork.

It should be noted that when you buy a resource you do not automatically have the distribution rights, so you only have a license to use it, but in case you obtain a redistribution license that will be granted to you explicitly by the author, you must include it in your description to speed up the approval process.

If you are a premium product owner, and you would like to grant everyone redistribution rights over your paid product, or forking rights over your product or otherwise, please create a support request at support@minecraftsetups.org

Out of respect for original content creators, we will not allow the creation of new distribution channels on MinecraftSetups, which will draw away from the attention their paid distribution channel receives. Therefore if you have a product with a paid or free distribution channel and would like it added to this blacklist for everyone in MinecraftSetups, please create a support request at support@minecraftsetups.org

The authors of products maintain the right to revoke the license at any time, whether free or paid, by default, you can distribute the content that is free, but this right may be revoked at any time.

If you obtain distribution rights, we must clarify appropriating this resource as if it were yours; it could result in a great warning and suspension; therefore, we suggest that you give credits for all the products you use. Whether they are paid or not in this way you can avoid future problems with your resource

Otherwise specified:
As stated, authors retain the right to revoke / grant rights that are not revoked or granted by the defaults described above. Below is a list of such products. Again, if you'd like for the redistribution rights over your product to be regarded differently from the above, please create a support request.

[Empty list by now]
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