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Community Guidelines and Rules & Punishments

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Warnings are a points-based system MinecraftSetups employs to measure violations which, by themselves, would not result in an immediate and permanent ban. This allows users who acquire these points to continue using the site as normal until they exceed a point benchmark which will temporarily suspend them for an increasing amount of time, allowing them the chance to reflect on their actions, familiarize themselves with our rules, and position themselves to avoid future violations. If a user is unable to better their behavior, the points will add up, and eventually lead to their permanent removal from the site, as they are provenly unsafe for our community.


Receiving a warning doesn't necessarily mean receiving a suspension. The majority of the rules you can violate on MinecraftSetups, by themselves, aren't worth enough points to get you suspended. Suspensions only take effect after you've earned enough points to hit a suspension benchmark. Avoid violating the rules in the future, and even if you've been warned, you may avoid ever receiving a suspension.
If you do happen to receive a suspension, it is because you have acquired the following:

10 points - 4 day suspension
20 points - 1 week suspension
30 points - 1 week suspension
40 points - 2 week suspension
50 points - 2 week suspension
60 points - 3 week suspension
70 points - 3 week suspension
75 points - Permanent Ban

Suspensions are automatic and cannot be lifted or reduced on an individual basis. This is to ensure fair treatment of all our members. Once suspended, the forums will become "read-only". Meaning you will be unable to interact with the site besides support requests, scam reports, and private messages which you are already a member of or which are created by a staff member.

Also, note that some lower offense warning points will expire. Expired warning points are no longer counted by the system, and so it is possible to hit a lower suspension benchmark multiple times instead of moving onto the next benchmark every instance that you are warned. Expired points will still be viewable from the "Warnings" tab of your profile, only visible to you and staff members.

You will almost always appeal at support@minecraftsetups.org

Every rule on the rules page has a warning and point value associated with it.
The number of points you receive for a rule violation will not change even if these points values change. It will remain the same on your profile that it was at the time of your warning unless otherwise announced.
As for the point values of these rules, though they may be subject to change, as of current, they are as follows:

# Name: value | expiry (in months)

Global Rules
1.1 Encouraging/Promoting The Violation of Our Rules/TOS: 10 or penalty equal to the violation promoted | 36
1.2 Abusing The Reaction System: 3 | 12
1.3 Abusing The Reports/Support System: 4 | 12
1.4 Creating Multiple Accounts: 5 | 12
1.5 Defamatory/Trashing Behavior: 5 | 12
1.6 Disrespectful/Harassing/Hateful/Trolling Behavior: 10 | 36
1.7 Impersonation/Misrepresentation of Self: 15 | 24
1.8 Low Quality/Meaningless Content: 1 | 6
1.9 Misleading/Shocking content: 5 | 18
1.10 Requesting/Suggesting Staff: 2 | 6
1.11 NSFW Content: 10 | 36
1.12 Site Navigation Impairing Content: 5 | 18
1.13 Referral/Intention of Producing Revenue Links: 2 | 12
1.14 Spamming/Promoting Spam: 5 | 18
1.15 Abuse unmentioned features 1-70/1-72

Resource Rules
6.1 Resource Not As Described: 3 | 24
6.2 Misusing Resource/Downloads: 3 | 12
6.3 Miscategorized Resource: 1 | 6
6.4 Resource Contains Malware: 35 | 36
6.5 Bumping Resource: 2 | 6
6.6 Resource Contains Unowned Content: 20 | 36
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